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Congratulations! Now that your child has been evaluated and you paid for the course, you have access to your child’s google classroom. Google Classroom is an easy way for teachers and students to communicate and connect. It provides an easy layout for all children to use, and can be used for assignments, and also assessing students. Please watch the following video on how to sign up for google classroom. After signing up, you can sign in to Google Classroom via an app, or by opening google classroom on your browser. Our staff will be sending the code to enter via email so that you can access the right Classroom.

How to use Google Classroom Videos

Steps to follow

Sign up to Google Classroom

Sign in to Google Classroom via you Gmail

Click the link that we have sent to your email to get enrolled

Start Studying!

Click Here to go to the Google Classroom Home Page

By clicking this button, you will be redirected to the Google Classroom HomePage. You can then sign in. After signing in, you can then go to your Gmail, and check your inbox to see the email you have been sent by Ajmal Lughat Aldunya, in which you can click the link to get enrolled in the designated Classroom.

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If your child has not been registered to Ajmal Lughat Aldunya yet, get your free 15min evaluation now and get started!

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