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Ajmal Lughat Aldunya Academy is every parent’s first choice for teaching their kids the Arabic language, whether from scratch or to get better at it.

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“We live the Arabic language

in reality with love”

Step 1 : Book an Appointment

Book an appointment for your child to get a free evaluation for his or her level before enrolling in the courses.

Step 2: Pay for the course

After getting the evaluation, our best teachers will give you the proper code to purchase the course in which your child should be enrolled in.

Step 3: Your Dashboard!

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After the evalution, an email with the students class timetable, zoom link and extra details will be send to you!

Book Your Free Appointment Now!

Book a free 15 min evaluation for your child, so that you can rest assured that he or she will be enrolled in the best level that fits him or her. After getting the evaluation from our best qualified teachers, you will be given a code to purchase the course. Get your child the best Arabic course now with a free evaluation!


   Synchronous Online Courses

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-All of our classes will consist of 8 classes per month

-There will be 2 classes per week

-Each class will be an hour-long

-Each class will have a maximum of 4 students

-Our classes are flexible to suit all time zones around the world

-Our classes are made for ages of 5 years and up

Basic Level 1

Learning the Arabic letters

Learning the basic grammar of the Arabic letters

Basic Level 2

Learning the sounds (Harakat) of each letter

Learning the sound of (Tanween)

Advanced Level 1

Learning the (Sokoon)

Learning the (Shada)

Learning the (Modood)

Learning how to write and read Arabic words

Advanced Level 2

strengthening the grammatical skills of reading and writing

Learning new and advanced grammatical skills for writing and reading Arabic paragraphs

Asynchronous Online Courses


(Al-Nooraniah) Course for children aged 5 years and over is made to teach children to read the Noble Qur’an in an easy and simplified way while listening to anasheed, stories and funny tales with the teacher
Your child will learn to read the Noble Qur’an fluently and by applying all the provisions of intonation and all the rules of the Noble Book of Allah

More info

Your child will love the way the lessons are presented and will be looking forward to the next lesson
The subscription is about 50 pre-filmed videos for a period of six months, and in the videos, your child will feel that the teacher is talking to them personally and he or she will answer any questions asked, engaging as they are actually in class!
A follow up with your child will happen individually and collectively for all children, after each video and after each lesson, when needed
At the end of the course, each child will be tested in the entire book to ensure that the child can read the Holy Qur’an well.
And parents will have a group on WhatsApp to share any question, any inquiry or even any new ideas for everyone.

How will my child see the videos after I pay? (Al-Nooraniah Only)

After the payment is received, you will receive an email with a private Facebook playlist, in which your child can start the course!

What is the best age for enrolling?

We can have children from the age of 5 up to the age of 18 years old!

-Book your free evaluation now if your child is at that age!

When can my child start and what will the schedule look like?

At Ajmal Lughat Al Dunya we make sure each parent and child is satisfied with the schedule of their children. Our teachers will email you with the days and hours for your child after the free evaluation is done and you have paid for the referred course.

-Get your free evaluation now!

Can my child get any free first class?

We don’t offer free first classes, but we offer free 15min evaluation for your child. This free evaluation can help us know you and your child more.

-Get your free 15min evaluation now!


What Our Families are Saying

“This is the best way to teach children the Arabic language”

” I am really Happy I chose Ajmal Lughat for my child, you guys did a great job!”

” My husband and I have never expected our child to get so much better in arabic, you are the best.”